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Rock Heardle

Rock Heardle is a variant of the popular music game Heardle, specifically designed for enthusiasts of rock music. This game revolves around identifying songs by listening to snippets of their tracks.  

Each day, all players are presented with the same song puzzle and given six attempts to solve it. After each wrong guess, you can hear a longer part of the song.

If you fail to identify the song within six tries, the title will be revealed to you. 

How to Play Rock Heardle

Let's take a look at the steps to play Rock Heardle:

  • Begin the game by clicking on the play button to listen to the music.
  • Pay attention to distinctive aspects of the track, such as unique instrumentals.
  • Make an educated guess about which song corresponds to the given tune.
  • Enter your guess in the text box provided at the bottom.
  • Continue this process until you arrive at the final answer.
  • If your guess is correct, you will see a green tick.
  • If your guess is incorrect, a red X will be displayed.
  • The game concludes if you exhaust all six attempts without successfully identifying the song.

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