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Heardle is the music version of Wordle, where you have to guess a song name within six attempts. Heardle was born for music enthusiasts to test how well they know about songs. The game features millions of songs by various artists, challenging players to listen carefully to know the answer. 

To be able to play Heardle, your music knowledge should be considerable. This is because you can come across any song, any artist, or any genre in the game. There will be no limits for you. 

All you're given to find the answer is a part of the hidden song. For each attempt, you will be provided with an additional short.

How to Play Heardle

You should be careful to avoid wasting tries in the game. Check out our simple steps to know how to play the Heardle game. 

  1. Access our website to play the Heardle game online for free.
  2. Click Play to join the game.
  3. Click to play the track of the hidden song and listen to it.
  4. Enter your guess in the box at the bottom. A list of songs with word matches will be shown.
  5. Pick the song that you suppose is the answer and click Submit. 

If your answer is correct, it will come with a green tick. If your answer is wrong, it will come with a red X.

  1. Repeat the above steps until you find the answer.

For each wrong guess, you will unlock an extra piece of music. You have a total of six tries.

If you can make a guess, you can skip.

The game is over once you find the answer or once you use up the given tries but still do not find the answer.

Tips and tricks

The game will be more challenging if you are in a hurry. There are some tips and tricks to help you win the game easier. Here’s how: 

Listen to the intro carefully.

Each song in Heardle will be played from the beginning, so it's important to listen to the intro carefully. Based on that melody, you can guess what genre the song is, what instrument it is played with, or something related.

Play with Partners

Any task will be completed faster or better with cooperation. The same is true in Heartle. You may be stuck, but it's great to have someone's help. Your friend's amount of musical knowledge may double or even triple your strength in the game. Therefore, if you have a chance to ask your friends to play with you, don’t miss it.

Know the benefits of the skip button.

It is important to know that each time you guess wrong or skip Heardle, another piece of the song will be unlocked. This gives you more information about the song. Why don't you take advantage of it? Use the skip button if possible; you will have a longer part of the song and maybe even hear a part of the lyrics. Then, it will be much easier to find the correct song.

Listen to more music.

Nothing can beat your knowledge. Listening to more music expands your musical knowledge. Thus, your ability to find hidden songs in Heardle is also higher. Moreover, listening to music is also a great way to relax; you will become comfortable with it, and knowledge will be absorbed passively.


Practice is the key to success. Practice listening regularly; you will recognize the typical melody of the music genres as well as the voices of the artists. Your chances of winning the game also increase.

Heardle FAQs

Are Heardle and I free to play?

Yes. The Heardle game is free to play on our website. You just need a mobile device with stable Internet connections; you can play the game anywhere, anytime, and enjoy music. 

What kind of songs are played in Heardle?

You can come across any song in Heardle. However, popular and beloved artists are given priority. Maybe you will hear a song by your idol. 

I am sure about the song; why did it say it wrong?

It is possibly because you haven't entered the full name of the song. Enter a few words first and look for them in the suggested list of songs with word matches. You should choose the song from the list to ensure the accuracy of the song title.

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