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Cladder is a combination of two extremely famous games, Weaver Game and Wordle. You can play this engaging word puzzle game with family, friends, or just for fun.

How to play Cladder

  • Your task is to find 10 clue words in just 60 seconds from the first letter.
  • The clue words you fill in require a letter change from the previous word.
  • You have 2 times to press skip, but you have to wait 5 seconds for the order to be executed.
  • You won't be penalized if you answer incorrectly, and if you're confused long enough, the game will highlight the position of the letter that needs to be replaced in yellow to give you a hint.
  • Every day there will be a new puzzle for you to answer, and if you want to find puzzles from previous days, click on the archive button.

Try Cladder to see if you can conquer the challenge in 60 seconds.

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