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Weaver Game

Weaver Game is a long-standing word puzzle that dates back to 1877 and was created by Lewis Carroll. And now it has appeared in the form of online games for players to easily access.

How to play Weaver Game

  • The game will give you the starting word and ending word. And the player's task is to change the crosswords so that the first word can turn into the last word. Each word you enter can only change 1 letter from the word above it.
  • For example: If the starting word is COLD and the ending word is NERD, you can proceed as follows:
    First replace "C" with "B" to form "BOLD."
    Next, replace "L" with "I" to create "BIRD."
    Then, change "B" to "H" to create "HIRD."
    Go ahead, replace "I" with "E" to create "HERD."
    And finally, change "H" to "N" to create "NERD."

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