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Sweardle is a fun, entertaining, non-serious swear word-guessing game.

How to play Sweardle

  • Your task is to guess a 4-letter swear word in 4 guesses.
  • Each time you provide an answer, the game will provide hints to assist you in finding the correct answer.
    • Green letters indicate that the letters are in the correct position.
    • The yellow letters signify the presence of the letters in the word, yet their placement is incorrect.
    • Gray letters are letters that do not appear in a word.

Please be aware that the game contains profanity, so please consider this before playing. We always want to provide a positive gaming experience to players, and we do not want you to feel uncomfortable for any reason.

If you don't want to guess words but rather letters, then Letterle is the next game you should try.

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