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Redactle is an enhanced version of Wordle, a word-guessing game. Instead of guessing a single word, you'll have to guess an entire website. You will play the role of an editor, tasked with finding a topic for your article. A Wikipedia article conceals that topic by redacting most of its words. Players explore the card's topic or field from start to finish without any mention of it.

How to play Redactle

  • Please enter the word you predict will appear in the article in the guess box on the right side of the screen.
  • To check, click the "guess" button.
  • The returned result shows the number of times that word appears in the article. If that word appears more than once, you can click on it to see the location where it appears in the article.

Tips and tricks

  • The best words to start with: Use keywords to try to determine the topic for the article. Use keywords such as "War," "City," "Country," "First," "Last," or personal pronouns like "He" or "She".
  • Guess more precisely from previous words: If you type "city" or "country" and it's the correct word, try more specific related words like "Europe" or "America" to confirm the location in question.

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