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Pokemon Wordle

Pokemon Wordle is an attractive game, combining Pokemon and Wordle strategic thinking. What makes Pokemon Wordle truly different is its diverse clue system, details about the Pokemon's generation and type, as well as hints about its size and weight.

How to play Pokemon Wordle

  • The player has 6 guesses, the game will give the player a set of clues after each try. Correct predictions are indicated by green squares, signaling the correct generation and type of Pokemon. Not only that, the game also provides more detailed information about the size and weight of Pokemon.
  • By delving into information about Pokemon types, the game has increased the challenge far beyond just guessing the name. Players are encouraged to take full advantage of their knowledge of Pokemon. At the same time, the variety of Pokemon images makes the player's Pokemon-guessing experience more realistic. Players feel like they are living in the Pokemon universe.

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