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PokeDoku is a fun and fresh daily puzzle challenge for Pokémon and Sodoku enthusiasts.

How to play Pokedoku

  • The player's task is to fill in all 9 boxes with the correct Pokémon. You have 9 guesses total.
  • Creative game: The game has freedom and creativity; there are many ways to give the correct answer. For example, if a box corresponds to both fire and fighting types, you can choose from a range of Pokémon that share those traits, like Blaziken or Infernape. But be careful; once you choose a Pokémon for a particular box, your answer is locked in and cannot be edited. Therefore, plan your strategy carefully.
  • Puzzle layout: The first two columns are dedicated to Pokémon types. The third column is a special column, which includes various categories such as different regions, heritage sites, etc. When the special column aligns with a type, the selected Pokémon can have two types, as long as one type matches the type in the corresponding row.

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