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Mahjong World

Mahjong World invites players to participate in a vibrant and exciting 3D mahjong world, taking place in various locations around the globe. Players can immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of different cultures while also exploring visually appealing landscapes.

How to play Mahjong World

The player's task is to connect identical blocks on the outside together to make them disappear.
Players can drag the mouse left or right to clearly see other sides of the Mahjong block.


  • Rich image design: The game uses diverse and rich images with many different locations around the world, helping players to both play the game and admire the scenery.
  • Many layouts and challenges: The game has many different mahjong block layouts, challenging players through many levels. Players can freely explore and overcome challenges.
  • Relaxing gameplay: The game has relaxing gameplay, a peaceful nature, and no time limit, helping players reduce stress and relax.

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