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Lofidle is an interesting music puzzle game for those who love Lofi music. If you often listen to lofi music to help you relax or concentrate on studying or working, then this game is definitely for you.

How to play Lofidle

  • You will hear the first few seconds of the lofi music, and your task is to guess which song it is. If you can't remember the entire song name, don't worry; just type a few letters in the box, and a list of songs will drop down for you to choose from.
  • If you guess correctly after just a few seconds, then you have won and are ranked among the top players.
  • But if you don't guess correctly after the first guess, don't worry; you have a total of six guesses. After each time you guess wrong or press skip, the system will play longer music segments to help you identify that song.

Try your hand at guessing our songs!
Or you can also try Easy Heardle, another of music challenges.

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