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Heardle Anime

Heardle Anime is a new variation of the game Heardle. The game is for those who are fans of the anime genre.

How do I play Heardle Anime?

  • In the game, players will hear a piece of music belonging to the opening theme, ending theme, or OST of the movie. Then, the player will make a guess as to which song it is.
  • Like Wordle, players will have a maximum of six guesses. If, after six attempts, they still cannot give the correct answer, the game will end.
  • If you can't remember the exact name of the song, don't worry, every time you make a prediction, there will be suggested songs based on the words you typed. Or you just need to type in the movie name, and the response system will also display a list of song titles for you to choose from.

Come to the world of anime music, listen to great melodies, and make predictions to win. Explore some more of our games, like Seventeen Heardle, Alan Walker Heardle,...

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