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Heardle 90s

Heardle 90s is a song-guessing game that brings back the best of the 90s music. It is a Heardle spin-off that only features 90s songs. Your job in this game is to listen to a short track and guess what the song is. You can guess up to 6 times. Each time you guess incorrectly or skip your turn, you will be provided with additional clues about the song. However, don't take advantage of it, try to solve the song title as soon as possible. 

How to Play Heardle 90s

You need to know how to play Heardle 90s before starting this music challenge. Check out the following instructions.

  • Click Play to join the game.
  • Click to listen to the music and try to guess what the song is.
  • Enter the song title that you think is correct. You will see a green check mark if you are right, or a red cross if you are wrong.
  • The game will end when you answer correctly or when you use up the given attempts.

This is a game that should not be missed for people who love music, especially those who love songs of the 90s. Discover our new games: Kpop Musicle!

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