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Dangle is a game in which eight tries are made to guess the hockey player's name. This game is for hockey fans from all over the world.

How to play Dange

  • Your task is to guess the name of one hockey player every day.
  • After you make a prediction, the game will provide feedback on the following factors: team, conference, division, position, shots, age, country, and number.
    • A green box means that attribute is correct.
    • The yellow box in the age column indicates that the player is at least 2 years younger than the age just guessed.
    • The yellow box in the number column indicates that the player is within 5 years of the shirt number just guessed.
  • You can see that player's silhouette by clicking Show Silhouette to add a hint.
  • The game has two modes, Classic and Unlimited for you to choose from. You can also increase the game's difficulty by selecting Hard Mode in the settings.

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