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Biblidle is an engaging word-guessing game. The vocabulary word that the player needs to guess will be a word related to the Bible or Christianity. It can be a word for a place, a name, an action, a doctrine, a book, or anything related.

How to play Biblidle

  • The player has six guesses to find the correct answer.
  • The word the player guesses can be a word of up to 11 letters in length, as long as it is related to the Bible or Christianity.
  • Players can press the Hint button to see suggestions for the word they want to search for.
  • After each time the player makes a prediction, the system will provide feedback about the color to help the player find the correct answer.

Every day, there will be a puzzle for players to solve.
The game is not only fun but also educational. You can share the entire result of the game, including your predicted words, on various social media platforms.
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